Docker this, docker that, docker everything.

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The tech stack we will use, React, Golang, gRPC.

The Journey of a Junior developer maturing into a Senior

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Experience from the first month as a new writer on Medium

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A complete tour for beginners to set up a full-stack application

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Automate building, testing, notifications, and deployment using GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions components and how they relate. Any Images used is self drawn and not related to GitHub in any way.

A deep dive into benchmarking in Golang

A device to measure voltage.
A device to measure voltage.
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A guide about how to survive when frustrated machines take over the world

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? — annoying backseat kids

A step-by-step guide on how you can use interfaces in Go to refactor and make your code base very modular

An example of what Go4Data can be used for.

Share information and work between many applications

An example of a Pub/Sub architecture

What is Redis

Percy Bolmér

I'm a software developer that enjoys writing about code, Proud Go fanatic

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